Zona: 8 tips

Here are some practical tips that can help you if you get shingles:

  • At the local level, avoid superinfection: use mild soaps, apply anti-septic agents to avoid superinfection. Avoid scratching lesions.
  • Shingles are usually not treated in young patients, except for ophthalmic shingles. Indeed the disease lasts a few days and the appearance of sequelae is rare.
  • When the vesicles appear, confirming the diagnosis of shingles by your doctor, you can relieve this burning sensation by applying a clean and fresh washcloth, or fresh compresses.
  • Avoid scratching and especially piercing vesicles, even if the temptation is great.
  • You can take showers or baths. Use a soft, dry towel to wipe the skin. Lesions can be painful to rubbing. Then dry in small bursts by dabbing without pressing or rubbing. Like any viral infection, be careful not to over-infect.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and take care of yourself by having a healthy lifestyle. Even though no study has confirmed the healing of shingles by rest, common sense invites you to restore your health by respecting your sleep.
  • Get a vitamin cure by eating fruits and vegetables and continue living your life, even if the pain caused by shingles can be a drag on a number of activities.
  • To avoid suffering, this vaccination is recommended if you are over 65 years old.

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