Varice: sources and notes

Authors : Dr. MC Bonduelle, Dr. Nicolas Evrard
Expert consultant : Dr. Valérie Fraeyman, aesthetic doctor and phlebologist.

- Management of predominantly venous leg ulcer excluding dressing. Recommendations for clinical practice. HAS. June 2006.
- Superficial venous disease: proposal of a strategy for the use of compression and vein-active agents in the management of pain. Angiology 2006, vol 58.

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Anxiety: the symptoms - Diseases

Anxiety: the symptoms

The symptoms of anxiety are very variable from person to person. They can be quite silent, as they can be expressive. It is also not uncommon for a seemingly calm person to be in fact a great anxious! Fear is not always verbalized. Thus, symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, psychological discomfort, irritability, worries exacerbated, agitation, sleep problems, low libido, may indicate anxiety
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Obesity: The causes - Diseases

Obesity: The causes

They are multiple. Of course, there is a direct relationship between weight, diet and physical activity. We have a feeding behavior that promotes the appearance of obesity: too rich food (too fat, too sweet), irregular meals (snacking, lack of breakfast, TV set). Added to this is the lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle
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Anorexia nervosa - Diseases

Anorexia nervosa

Anorexia is a disease that most often affects adolescents and mainly girls. But in recent years doctors have to take care of younger and younger patients, but also older ones. Anorexia is manifested by a triad of symptoms: weight loss, absence or cessation of menstruation (in other words amenorrhea), and finally, dietary restriction
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