A flat stomach: aesthetic solutions

Some types of massage can drain, firm, remodel ... tissues to redraw the silhouette and the waist. Methods using the palpate-rolling technique are preferred: they release fats, drain toxins and promote their elimination.

Other methods act more particularly on the appearance of the skin, in case of cellulite installed: lipolysis (injections), laser, ultrasound ... In all cases, these techniques pertaining to aesthetic medicine, must be performed by a doctor. doctor who will indicate the most appropriate treatment.

Surgical solutions

In some cases, only surgery can find a flatter belly. Liposuction (or liposuction) may be considered when the amount of fat to be removed is quite large. The operation can only remove the subcutaneous fat (and not the deep intra-abdominal fat). This intervention is not accessible to everyone: it is indeed necessary to have a sufficiently flexible skin.

The abdominoplasty, it aims to remove excess skin in the abdomen. This is the case when the distended skin has lost its elasticity and tends to "hang". This can happen after a significant weight loss. Again, it is necessary to review with his surgeon to determine what is the best solution.

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