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Sleep Disorder: The Boost of Alternative Medicines

While for the most part, alternative medicines have not been able to scientifically prove their effectiveness on sleep disorders, they can nevertheless provide a boost. If the disorder persists, however, it is essential to consult your doctor.


It is better to call a doctor because the choice of homeopathic medicines is vast and complex in terms of insomnia. The treatment will vary depending on the nature of sleep disorders (difficulty falling asleep, waking at night ...) and their cause (anxiety, nervousness, pain ...). This may be a background treatment or adjunctive therapy. Some tracks :

  • The L72: for an adlute, 30 gouutes before dinner, and 60 drops before bedtime.
  • for difficulties falling asleep due to bad news or a dreaded event: gelsenium 9 CH,
  • you mumble your worries of the day in bed: nux vomica 9 CH,
  • you are excited after a good news: coffea cruda 9 CH,
  • you have the impression of not sleeping at night: luesinum 9 CH.


Herbal teas known for their sedative properties - linden, valerian, chamomile - can help fight against temporary insomnia. In herbal medicine, hops, valerian, passionflower, lemon balm and lavender are recommended for sleep disorders. These plants can be consumed alone or in combination; in herbal tea, dragees or in the bath. Thanks to their soothing action, they would help falling asleep.


Two small clinical studies, one German (1999) and the other Canadian (2004), showed that acupuncture can have real results on stress-related sleep disorders. Acupuncture would help restore sleep by boosting the nocturnal production of melatonin.
Moreover, we know that acupuncture, by rebalancing the "energy currents" in the body, helps to fight stress; but this one is often involved in sleep problems.


It is a therapeutic method that uses physical and psychic relaxation. Because stress, anxiety is one of the common causes of insomnia, sophrology is an interesting alternative in sleep disorders.


As an ancestral practice aimed at a body and a calm mind, yoga, like sophrology, can help fight against sleep disorders by promoting relaxation.

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