All tips for having a beautiful breast: the cosmeto selection of the editorial

A nice chest wants to be pampered. To take good care and keep firm, well-shapely and soft breasts, we have selected three products for you:

Stretch Marks Massage Oil

The promise : prevent stretch marks at "sensitive" moments (puberty, pregnancy, diets ...) by strengthening the elasticity of the skin, attenuate them when they have appeared.

The verdict : the oily texture encourages the massage (important gesture in the prevention of stretch marks), the skin becomes more flexible, it pulls less, and seems to actually become more resistant over the daily applications.

The - : composed almost exclusively of oil, the mixture is ... oily. Reserved for those who appreciate this texture.

The + : natural, organic (without paraben, PEG ...), this oil is completely harmless for the baby during the period of pregnancy and lactation. Arnica has a decongestant action appreciable on the breasts which take volume.

Weleda anti-stretch mark oil, 100 ml. Available in pharmacy and drugstore.

Phytrel Bulb of Lierac

The promise : treatment of "shock" to counter the sagging skin of the bust. To use in cure, to restore the tonicity and the firmness of the skin.

The verdict : this solute (spray) based on plant extract actually has a tightening effect on the skin. It is recommended to use 1 ampoule, morning and evening. To optimize the treatment: do not hesitate to spread a good layer of moisturizing product over it.

The - : the product is very liquid and it is better to proceed by "layers" successive and wait between each layer that the penetration is done. It's a bit long.

The + : that of natural and a mini-spray that facilitates the application of light bulbs. A good tensor product.

Phytrel Ampoule Lierac, about 35 € the 20 ampoules of 5 ml, in perfumery.

Curvature and Firmness of Centella Bust

The promise : helps restore elasticity, vitality and firmness, thanks to an association of synergies of oils (hazelnut, wheat germ, sesame, camellia, jojoba), and plant extracts (hops, centella, St. John's wort, fenugreek) and essential oils (thyme, sage, pine, marjoram, mint, lavender).

The verdict : a very nourishing texture that smoothes the skin well. The grain improves, the elasticity seems better.

The - : a smell a bit strong, but that fades quickly.

The + : economic! A few drops are enough.

Curve and Firmness of Centella Bust, 43.80 € for 30 ml. Available in beauty institutes, health food stores and on the internet

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