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Torticollis: Treatments

If most of the time, it is a benign condition that heals itself in a matter of days - even without treatment, the problem may be more complex.

In case of torticollis, it may be advisable to lie down, so as to discharge the spine of the weight of the head. It helps relieve the pain. The heat can also help to relax the neck muscles: take a hot bath, apply a flexible heat pocket, available in pharmacies.

The best is to be able to agree one or two days of respite, at home at rest. Beware of untimely manipulation of the neck, they should be reserved for doctors who have a great experience in this field. Locally still, a treatment based on a decontracting and anti-inflammatory ointment can be effective. Sometimes after a trauma, a foam collar (kind of soft brace) can be kept for a few days.

In general, the available medications are varied, and require the advice of a doctor. The latter can prescribe analgesics, relaxants, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories. Sometimes acupuncture treatment can work. After three, four sessions, the patient is set to appreciate the improvements ... or not.

But if specific causes are found (infection, tumor ...), a special care will be necessary.

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