Venous thrombosis: sources and notes


Author: Laëtitia Demma
Expert Consultant: Dr. Jean-Jérôme Guex, vascular doctor.


Management of predominantly venous leg ulcer off dressing. Recommendations for clinical practice. HAS. June 2006.

Superficial venous disease: proposal of a strategy for the use of compression and vein-active agents in the management of pain. Angiology 2006, vol 58.

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- Breslin ABX, Ing AJ. Chronic cough: A guide to evaluation and management. Medicine Today. 2002; 3 (4): 16-26. - Durieux P. Atmospheric pollution and respiratory diseases. Paris: EMC Lung; 1989: 4p. - Hoffstein V. Persistent cough in non smoker Can Resp J. 1994; 1: 40-7. - Holgate ST. Genetic and environmental interaction in allergy and asthma
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D. Denis et al. Refraction in children: epidemiology, evolution, evaluation and correction of ametropia, French Journal of Ophthalmology, Vol 27 - N ° 8 - P. 943-952 - October 2004. A. Jeddi Blouza et al. Management of the farsightedness of the child, French Journal of Ophthalmology Vol 30 - N ° 3 - P.
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