Tendonitis of the elbow: Symptoms

You try to uncap a bottle or screw an object, a sharp pain in the elbow arises. The symptoms of elbow tendinitis manifest as pain while a specific gesture is made. But sometimes this pain can be persistent. This is a pain that "launches" ...

The pain is located in correspondence of the external bone of the elbow, and can go up on the arm or down to the wrist. The movements of the arm, therefore, become difficult and painful.

Other symptoms: a small redness may also appear, as well as a very slight swelling on the painful area. These pains can sometimes become intense and prevent activities of daily living and sports activities.

In case of tendinitis of the elbow, one can consult a general practitioner, but also a rheumatologist, a sports doctor, or a specialist of the functional rehabilitation.
The diagnosis is usually made by clinical examination, in order to identify the movements that caused the tendinitis of the elbow.

If he deems it necessary, he may request additional tests, such as X-rays, and even an MRI if an operation is planned or if the doctor has a doubt about the diagnosis.

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