Testimonials: the plight of hyperphagia

Unable to control yourself ... Eating (and sometimes eating a lot!) Has become an almost uncontrollable drive.

In medical terms, we speak of hyperphagia, also called binge eating. These people admit to being helpless in the face of their behavior and ... their weight problem.

Bulimia binge affects both men and women, while bulimia affects, in general, more women.

There are treatments adapted to each one in order to cure hyperphagia. Psychological counseling should be considered seriously as well as sessions with a nutritionist, who can help the patient relearn how to eat properly, to patiently rebuild his relationship to food. Because it is obvious that for these patients, the problem is mainly behavioral, and concerns their relationship with food ...

Read the very moving testimonials on hyperphagia: Audrey, Laetitia, Marie and Francine share their suffering, and at the same time their courage. Each testimonial is different and full of sincerity, and will allow you to better understand the situation of these people who live the hyperphagie daily.

To learn more about this disease, its causes and treatments, read also the exclusive interview of Dr. Gérard Apfeldorfer, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, who will enlighten us on the different aspects of hyperphagia.

Interview by Ladane Azernour-Bonnefoy.

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