Suicide: Causes and Early Warning Signs

Suicide - or attempted suicide - can have multiple causes. People suffering from a mental illness are certainly more often affected, but in a difficult situation, no one is safe from suicidal thoughts.

The causes behind the desire for suicide are numerous:

  • Suicide may seem the only way out, the only possible alternative to get out of a difficult and trying situation.
  • Suicide can be a cry for help to attract attention.
  • Suicide can be a protest against something.

It also happens that someone tries to put another person under pressure by committing (or announcing) a suicide.

Suicide affects all social strata, but in some groups of people the suicidal risk is higher, for example among:

  • People suffering from depression,
  • People suffering from addictions, for example those related to alcohol,
  • People with psychosis, such as schizophrenia,
  • People who are in a deep crisis or who have experienced a traumatic experience (eg separation, professional or financial problems, criminal act, death of a close person ...),
  • Seniors who feel lonely and / or suffer from a painful, chronic and severely disabling condition
  • Adolescents and young adults who, for example, have family problems or are in crisis,
  • People who have ever had suicidal thoughts or have already attempted suicide,
  • People with serious illness (such as cancer) or chronic illness, severe pain or mutilation.

Recognize the warning signs

It is rare that a person commits suicide without emitting signals before. Generally, the intention to kill oneself is reflected in certain signs and behaviors. A suicidal person can for example:

  • to be resigned, dejected and desperate.
  • to withdraw and isolate themselves more and more.
  • express suicidal thoughts and intentions.
  • prepare for suicide, for example by adding tablets (medicines).
  • say goodbye to loved ones or give away very personal things.

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