Stress and sweating: what solutions? : Solutions against perspiration

Comprised mainly of water and salt, perspiration is a natural phenomenon due to the presence of sweat glands all over the body surface, especially in the armpits, forehead, feet and hands.

The sweat emitted by these glands, helps regulate the body temperature when this sweat evaporates. Sweating may have an unpleasant odor when it comes into contact with bacteria on the surface of the skin.

First solutions of common sense
Essential advice: good hygiene, that is to say wash every day.

The antiperspirant is of course the first solution to apply in the problems of excessive perspiration. Stick, spray, beads ... there are different kinds of antiperspirants that can be used several times a day.

We can also think of Alum stone for light perspiration because it has natural properties to fight bad odors. Previously moistened with cold water, this natural stone goes smoothly on areas affected by perspiration.

Sweating: the causes of a change of sweat

It masks its smell with deodorants or antiperspirants, yet perspiration is an indicator of health. Stronger odors, why?

If you sweat a lot, look for leather shoes and cotton clothes rather than synthetic materials that promote perspiration. If necessary, make sure you have clean spare clothes, in case you have to face a situation that makes you sweat (sports, stress, heat ...).

When it comes to food, avoid eating too hot or too spicy food that encourages sweating. Beware of alcohol also causing vasomotor effects.

Consider medical solutions
A visit to a doctor may be necessary to detect a possible disease that would explain this excessive sweating (and other symptoms).

If no specific disease has been identified, and depending on the discomfort caused by excessive sweating, the doctor may offer different treatments, such as iontophoresis which is usually done in a dermatologist. Or injections of botulinum toxin in underarm hypersudation, a treatment to renew on a regular basis.

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