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Stress at work and sophrology: the benefits

Sophrology, which aims to restore harmony between our emotions, our mind and our entire body, has multiple benefits, and this at different levels. Depending on the individual needs, different targeted exercises can influence a particular problem (eg pain, proleme concentration, insomnia, addiction, ...).

In the context of work stress, sophrology techniques and exercises can help manage stress, relieve stress, and ultimately achieve better job performance.

Thus, the benefits of sophrology can make it possible to:

  • Identify the physical and psychological tensions resulting from the stress, in order to free oneself from it.
  • Learn to relax physically and psychologically to better manage stress, emotions at work.
  • Evacuate the negative elements (tensions, worries, frustrations ...).
  • Develop confidence and assertiveness.
  • To be attentive to oneself, to others, to one's environment.
  • Optimize your communication by promoting harmony and balance.

It is important to train to be more attentive to yourself. The goal will be to relax, to relieve stress, but also to increase its capacity for assimilation, concentration and memorization. So sophrology exercises can be beneficial at different levels.

How many sessions are needed?

The number of sophrology sessions to perform depends on your mental health, how you feel, your state of stress. However, it is best to attend at least five classes to learn how to target your vulnerabilities, weaknesses ... which is common in the face of stress.

Sophrology courses last about one hour each.

The effects of sophrology will not necessarily be immediate, they will be long term. It is recommended to practice exercises also at home.

The price

It is difficult to establish an exact price for a session of sophrology, because the rates vary according to the place and the framework in which the course is proposed (sophrologist in liberal activity or session within a structure, individual session or in a group ...).

For an individual session of sophrology, the rates can go from 50 to 80 euros. and 60/40 and 60 euros for an hour. It is advisable to count a surplus if the person wishes to do his homework.

A group session is less expensive. It amounts to about 20 euros. Often, flat rates (by trimester, semester, ...) are proposed and can be interesting if one wishes to practice sophrologieu on a regular basis.

Sophrology sessions are not reimbursed by the Health Insurance. However, some mutuelles or complementary private insurances support sophrology sessions.

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