Special man, lose belly: exercises to lose belly (video)

Gentlemen, we have shown you what diet to take to lose weight. Now, get into physical exercises!

Are you ready to act? In this case, we have here exactly what you need! We asked a sports coach to show some "special man" exercises that can work the abdominal muscles and ... lose belly.

You are not an athlete born or crazy about the effort? Do not panic, these exercises are simple to perform and easy to integrate into your daily rhythm. All you need is a yoga mat and a small spot on the floor so you can do your exercises with peace of mind:

  • The crunch
  • The rotation of the bust
  • The basin survey
  • The board
  • The rotation of the trunk with ball (exercises to be carried out with a partner!)

Discover immediately these few simple and effective exercises to strengthen the abs and sculpt the flat stomach of your dreams (while remaining realistic ...)!

And do not forget: to achieve a result, you must perform these exercises very regularly. So, discover without waiting this video!

Our coach offers exercises that work the abdominal muscles to have a flat stomach and tonic.

To discover too, for those who still want to go further:

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Our album: 20 sports to burn calories

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