Special man: how to lose belly

Who said men did not care about their line? Admittedly, according to a study by INSEE, overweight affects many more men (35%) than women (21%). And it seems that the gentlemen are still a little behind in terms of " regime ". But that does not mean they do not pay attention to their figure.

In men, the weak point is often this small unsightly buoy that settles around the navel, especially from a certain age. And yes, for men, the big question is often how to lose belly!

However, besides the physical and aesthetic aspect, a high concentration of abdominal fat can present health hazards. Because it could lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular complications, among others.

But do not be discouraged. For various reasons and in particular physiological, men, more often than not, have more facility than women to get rid of superfluous fat.

Very good, but what does this mean concretely for our dear men? How to lose belly in a lasting way and without too much torture?

First of all, in the process of losing weight, it is necessary for the man to review his eating habits. Woman or man: to find a flat stomach, food quality and light cooking methods are two essential elements to have a better shape and a thinner silhouette.

Beyond diet, exercise is a significant success factor in the goal of losing weight and muscle the abs to carve a nice flat stomach. Here too, the same rule for all: woman or man, simple exercises to apply daily are on the program if you want to get visible results quickly.

Gentlemen who want to lose weight and dream of a sexy flat stomach, do not miss this folder full of information to know how to lose belly: food tips and menu ideas "flat stomach", health risks and advice a nutritionist ... Everything is there, with a bonus video with effective exercises to finally find a size of ... drone!

Author: Clémentine Fitaire.
Expert consultant: Dr. Jacques Fricker, nutritionist at Bichat Hospital (Paris).

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