Sexuality Without Risks

Sexuality without risks: the advice of the gynecologist

The advice of Dr. Alain Tamborini, gynecologist, on the proper use of the pill and the pill the next day.

When to take the "morning after pill"?

In case of accident or forgetfulness of condom, unexpected report, when one is on vacation abroad, one can take emergency contraception, "the morning after pill".
Attention, it is important to keep in mind that the morning after pill is an exceptional contraception reserved for particular situations. The most common are: forgetfulness of the pill, condom accident, unplanned sexual intercourse, non-contraceptive intercourse because our behaviors are not always rational but often emotional, because we thought we were in a non-fertile time, because that it was holidays, because we were less vigilant, because it happened like that ...

How to get the "morning after pill"?

In France, it is on sale, without prescription, in all pharmacies, at a fairly low price and there is also a generic. If it is prescribed by a doctor, the "morning after pill" is 65% covered by the Health Insurance. It can also be obtained at family planning centers.

Can I buy a "morning after pill" as a preventive measure?

The morning-after pill is relatively well known to women, many have heard of it, but it is still relatively unused. As a precautionary measure, it is advisable to have one at home or when traveling abroad, for example. A bit like a fire extinguisher: we do not wait for fire to buy it and when there is fire, we need it right away!

Can we move the date of the rules with the pill?

Moving the date of the rules with the pill can be done punctually for personal convenience: for a holiday, a hike, an exam or a sports competition.

If you have a pill whose tablets are all the same color, so identical, you can, with the agreement of your doctor, stop it a few days before the end of the pack or continue a few days after picking on a another wafer (which you will not use any more) and thus move the date of your rules. It will be necessary to take again a new plate a week after the stop and thus your day of recovery in the week will be modified. You can even take two platelets in a row, but it can sometimes cause a feeling of discomfort or small bleeding.

Question gynéco: Is there a risk of getting stuck while making love in the water?

This is a question that may seem absurd, but that sometimes arise couples, without daring to approach a doctor. In this video, it is precisely the gynecologist, Dr. David Elia, who answers it.

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