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Getting ready for a long drive: coffee, a miracle cure?

Remember to hydrate yourself

To make a long drive in good conditions, in summer, the best is to have an air conditioning. This must not exceed 4 to 5 ° C below the ambient temperature. To travel well, travel light! Remember to wear light, loose clothing that will not retain heat.

Drink enough water and do not hesitate to cool off with a mist if it's hot. And when you stop, do not stay in the sun and try to park your car in the shade.

Coffee is not the miracle cure!

Drinking a coffee at full speed is not enough to get you back into shape in the minute. The effects of coffee are far from immediate. It takes time to digest it to get the benefits. Now, the digestion time of coffee, as of all liquids, is about two hours. So the miracle coffee does not exist. Again you have to give yourself some time.

Coffee makes you addicted, promotes weight loss, dehydrates, helps to sober up ...
What is it really ? Here is the truth about 9 myths around coffee!

And with the children?

A trip is almost always a test for the little ones. A few days before departure, choose with them the games, toys, books or DVDs they want to use during the trip. The more children feel they participate, the better they accept the constraints of travel.

When they are in the back of the car, children sometimes feel a little abandoned. The good idea would be that the parent who does not drive, settles near them in the back.

Children, too, must be comfortably seated in the back, and safely with the car seats adapted to their age. The best is that they can, all the way, see outside. This requires raised seats or booster seats, for example, or a sunroof, through which they can see outside (this limits motion sickness).

For children under 10-11 years old (15 to 36 kg), the booster seats make it possible to adapt seat belts to the correct height.

" When do we arrive ? When do we arrive ? The question that all parents know is the first sign of child fatigue. It must be taken into account. Rumbling is useless. However, it is time to take a break and let them romp on a playground. After a few minutes, the whole family will be serene to resume the trip.

Sophrology against the evils of transport

Torticollis, thrombosis, heavy legs, contractures ... A long journey can quickly become a nightmare. Here are 6 sophrology exercises to go on vacation on the right foot!

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