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CT or CT scan Scanners are indicated in many diseases

For example, a brain scanner may be required in case of atypical headaches to look for a possible brain malformation, aneurysm, thrombosis ....
A CT scan can be requested for a knee condition looking for a tendon problem, meniscus ...
The organs of the thorax: heart, lungs ... of the abdomen: liver, spleen, large vessels ... of the small pelvis, can also be scanned. But also the whole body (polytrauma) in case of traffic accident for example.

To remember

The scanner is a high-performance medical imaging examination, it gives very precise images of the body in the form of cross sections or vertical: it can diagnose many pathologies and make an accurate assessment.
It is nevertheless a radiating examination and it is necessary to take precautions especially in pregnant women. In people with allergies, special attention will be paid if a contrast medium is used.

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