Salpingitis: The exams

The medical examination helps guide the doctor in his diagnosis. Nevertheless, given the severity of the infection, and the difficulty sometimes to establish with certainty a diagnosis, additional examinations are necessary. Indeed, the symptoms experienced by the woman may sometimes be suggestive of appendicitis, or other digestive or gynecological condition. A blood test is performed, the ultrasound, often endovaginal, provides important details.

In some cases, the use of surgery is indicated, it is to perform a laparoscopy. The surgeon makes three small incisions on the abdomen and intervenes using micro-instruments and a mini-camera. He can then directly observe the ovaries and the fallopian tubes, and confirm the diagnosis. This intervention allows to visualize the inside of the abdomen and the genitals, allows, if necessary, to intervene on them. This laparoscopy is also an opportunity to take samples to try to detect the microbes involved.


The treatment of acute salpingitis should not be delayed, as this could lead to serious complications. It may require hospitalization, as indicated above, the need to perform a laparoscopy to be certain of the diagnosis.

Once this diagnosis of salpingitis is established, the treatment includes bed rest, analgesic drugs, and especially antibiotics. These can be administered by injections (bites) especially at the beginning.

The use of antibiotics is often necessary for a fairly prolonged period, at least two weeks for some acute salpingitis.

During the course of treatment, sexual intercourse is proscribed, and it is necessary to treat the partner as well. At the end of the treatment, a bacteriological check by vaginal sampling is done to make sure that the germs have disappeared. It is also important to insist on preventive measures, in order to avoid a recurrence: medical follow-up, wearing a condom.

If the treatment of salpingitis is properly conducted, everything is back to normal. But if things are neglected, other problems may arise such as abscess, or peritonitis.

Of course, if another sexually transmitted infection such as hepatitis B is discovered during the medical check-up, it will have to be treated.

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