Rosacea: the testimony of a patient

Testimony of Nathalie, 39 years old.

"The flush started very early. But after thirty years, I had almost permanent redness for a year. At the time, I was treated with antibiotics for two months, but this was inconclusive. Then it calmed down all by itself overnight.

Today, I use soft products: a green tinted day cream, a green stick to mask the redness and a light foundation with sunscreen. It reassures me. In summer or in altitude, I do not skimp on the amount of sunscreen even if I have to look like a clown. In running, during competitions, I moisten regularly my face with a sponge to limit redness.

But it's tiring to always pay attention. It's also socially crippling. I managed to avoid situations that make me blush, to refuse a job in business! ".

Sources and notes

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