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Snoring: The causes

In addition to the explanations detailed above, certain causes or circumstances may favor the occurrence of a snoring, these snoring may disappear when the cause or the "problem" are solved.

Point snoring

When you take cold or have a flu or nasopharyngitis, the nose and throat are congested and thus obstructed. This inflammation of the pharynx can be the cause of noises at the time of the inspiration of the air, but also during the expiration. This snoring is temporary and as soon as you are cured of your cold snap, everything will be in order.

Snoring due to being overweight

Overweight is excess fat throughout the body, including the base of the tongue. The tongue that thickens where the air passes, automatically obstructs a little this passage. Hence a noisy breathing during sleep, which results in a snoring. If this overweight is embarrassing for health, it is recommended to lose a little weight in order to regain quality sleep (for oneself and for others).

The snoring of the elderly person

As the years go by, the muscle tissues of the organs gradually relax. The cavity where the air passes is narrowing a little more: this is the cause of snoring.

Pregnancy and snoring

Pregnancy can cause snoring in some women. Do not worry, normally everything should be in order soon after delivery. This charming snoring of the pregnant woman is related to two main causes. The classic weight gain, but also the pregnancy hormones, such as progesterone, which cause a loosening of muscle tissue.

Why do we sleep?

Sleep is a physiological phenomenon absolutely necessary for the body. But why do we need sleep? Explanations ...

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