Wrinkles - Anti wrinkle: Anti-wrinkle substances

Against wrinkles, different treatments can be made. Many molecules present in cosmetological creams cause different effects. Fruit acids and AHAs have an exfoliating action that helps to restore radiance to the skin. They are however to be used with caution, as they can also accelerate the natural thinning of the skin.

Antioxidants (especially vitamins E, C and beta-carotene) fight against free radicals and improve the surface of the skin.

Retinol, a vitamin A derivative, stimulates cell renewal and tends to reduce fine lines; it can be useful in prevention.

It is however recommended not to treat your skin with too many different active ingredients.

Aesthetic medicine

Different techniques of aesthetic medicine can "tackle" wrinkles that we can not stand anymore ... The techniques and products used anti-wrinkle are now better and better controlled. Depending on the wrinkles to be eliminated, their location, and their appearance, different solutions can be proposed. The most important thing is to contact an esthetic doctor or an experienced dermatologist.

The technique of filling is to inject products that, as its name suggests, fill the skin where it is wrinkled. It is essential that resorbable products be used; it is generally necessary to renew (more or less) the injections for a lasting effect. Injected with a thin needle in the heart of the wrinkle, in the dermis, we can fill the wrinkles of the nasolabial fold. Hyaluronic acid is used today, especially for the fine lines around the mouth.

Botulinum aicide prevents the muscles responsible for expression lines from contracting by acting on nerve conduction. It is particularly effective against horizontal forehead wrinkles, wrinkle wrinkles.

Another way to use as an aesthetic doctor to reduce wrinkles: the peeling especially active on some fine lines.

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