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Cold, cough, flu ... homeopathic solutions: Homeopathy against cough

Cough signifies irritation or infection of the respiratory tract. It is an annoying but helpful symptom that allows you to expel "things" that have nothing to do inside. It is therefore better not to use antitussive medication at first.

Different types of cough

The dry cough is sputum-free. It often comes from the throat or trachea. The fat cough she comes from the bronchi. It is recognized by expectorate mucus (which is bronchial secretions).
Warning: a cough with bloody sputum (red or pink) requires urgent consultation.

The homeo solution

  • Dry cough, painful, aggravated by speech: Bryona Alba 9 CH.
  • Greasy cough with expectoration: Coccus Cacti 9 CH.
  • Cough in straight (especially at night): Drosera Rotundifolia 9 CH.

3 granules (to be melted under the tongue) 3 times a day, of the selected drug.

Check if there is no improvement after 48 hours.

More tips

  • Stodal┬« syrup is a homeopathic syrup with several compounds that can safely be used for all types of coughs.
  • A cough with other signs (fever, difficulty breathing, pain ...), or an isolated cough that does not subside after eight to ten days, requires the advice of a doctor.

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