At a time when more than ever appearance counts, finding your image is a guarantee of success, both personal and professional.
Image specialists, or coaches, are here to help you.

The makeover, once reserved for stars, is indeed now accessible to all. Its goal is not to transform a person, but to reveal it, highlighting its strengths and personality, erasing any imperfections. In the end, more self-confidence, and a style affirmed in agreement with the person.

Colors, a key point

One of the key steps of a makeover session is the definition of the color palette that will brighten the complexion, emphasize the color of the eyes, highlight the personality.
For this, several steps to the beauty test:
> A personality test first of all, in order to define a little more the character of the person through his tastes, his desires ...
> Then, a session of draping (fabrics of different colors are placed under the face) will discover what are the colors that flatter the complexion, the look.
> An analysis of the color of the eye, then of the complexion (hot or cold complexion) will complete these tests.

The palette thus defined will serve as a basis for choosing the wardrobe, but also makeup, accessories, glasses. This palette will be a valuable tool for all future purchases.

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