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Snowshoeing: Contraindications to snowshoes

Snowshoeing itself does not have any particular contraindications. But be careful, the effort can be intensive. So people with cardiovascular disease will have to be careful. Especially since this activity is practiced at altitude, which may be a contraindication for people with acute respiratory problems, or pregnant women.

Accidents and minor common problems

> The joints and muscles of the lower body being particularly stressed during a snowshoe outing, remember to warm up before and after, to avoid muscle sprains and tears.

> Watch out for colds and hypothermia! Choose a suitable outfit, designed for snow sports, and wicking away perspiration, to prevent your body from getting cold.

> Also remember to protect your face from the sun, the snow having a powerful reverberant effect. And think about wearing good sunglasses.

Precautions to take

> Choose hiking boots or warm, waterproof boots.

> Also, plan gaiters or high socks that will protect you from the snow and avoid wet feet.

> Choose warm clothes, and do not hesitate to superimpose the layers to be able to remove or put back according to your needs.

> Plan for sunscreen, cereal bars, and enough water in your bag.
Indeed, the hydration must be regular, and the cold can decrease the sensation of thirst. Proper hydration will also help prevent cramps and body aches.

> Finally, do not overestimate your abilities, plan your route and find out before you go on the weather and the quality of the snow.

In pictures: our tips for winter sports

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