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Abundant rules: treatments

Treatments of heavy periods depend on the cause and the origin of this disorder.

A change in the abundance of rules should not be taken lightly: it is important to consult a gynecologist to identify the cause and intervene with the most appropriate treatment.

Some drugs may affect bleeding volume such as antifibrinolytic (tranexamic acid which is Exacyl®, etamsylate which is Dicynone®).

The various hormonal treatments will also help to regulate the hormonal imbalances that may occur during different times of a woman's life (adolescence or peri-menopause) and decrease the abundance of menstruation.

Treatments in case of abundant rules of functional origin

In case of abundant periods of functional origin, some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen) can relieve associated abdominal pain.

Treatments for heavy periods of organic origin

Of course, when heavy bleeding has an organic origin (such as a fibroid), it is necessary to intervene and treat the cause by resorting most often to a surgical intervention that can be performed in most cases in outpatient surgery.

When heavy periods cause anemia

Heavy periods can sometimes cause anemia. When a patient consults for a problem of heavy periods, it is important for her practitioner to refrain from prescribing a blood count associated with a ferritinemia test, in order to detect iron deficiency anemia. blood). In case of anemia, a treatment with iron (fuel of the hemoglobin and the red blood cell) will have to be prescribed.

Good to know: these foods contain iron

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