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Hearing aid: different forms of devices

There are two main types of hearing aids:

> The ear contours.

Part of the prosthesis, as its name suggests, is positioned behind the pavilion, and another part, the ear piece, leads to the ear canal.
It is this type of device that is today the most widespread, and indicated for cases of severe hearing loss, as mild.

> Intra-auricular prostheses.
Very discreet, they are in the form of small flesh-colored shells that are placed inside or at the entrance of the auditory canal.


The Health Insurance reimburses hearing aids and their accessories, if the person suffering from hearing loss has a medical prescription.

The treatment is 65% based on variable rates according to age, disability and the type of equipment chosen. This reimbursement by the Health Insurance is low compared to the price of the hearing aid.

It is desirable to have good complementary or mutual insurance, to be better reimbursed.

Note: a hearing aid must be changed approximately every 4 years.

For more information on the reimbursements of health insurance, visit the website:

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