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Hearing aid (hearing aid)

The hearing instrument (also: hearing aid or hearing aid) is an indispensable instrument for people suffering from a loss of hearing.

Unfortunately, for many reasons, far too many people who need it do not wear hearing aids.

However, the digital age has made it possible to produce discreet and powerful hearing aids. It remains for these people to optimize the use of their device, to have the best results possible.

For whom an audioprosthesis?

According to a survey by the UNSAF * (National Union of French Audioprothésistes Syndicats), hearing problems would concern 5 million French people .

And yet, ashamed to talk about it, for fear of diagnosis, for cost reasons ... many of these people do not use this equipment.

As soon as disorders appear, do not wait to consult an ENT, to make a diagnosis and possibly be equipped with a device, early care for better use.

The most common cause of hearing loss in adults is presbycusis due to the natural aging of the ear, which typically occurs in the 50's, progressively causing problems of comprehension in conversations surrounded by noise.

* "National survey to define the auditory profile of the French and their attitudes towards hearing aids", UNSAF, February 2006.

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