Presbyopia: Well adapted glasses

The glasses should be adapted to the craft or activity you have: for example, an airplane pilot, often looking at his screens at the top of the cockpit, will need glasses different from those of a dentist or a violinist.

Do not hesitate to talk to your ophthalmologist and your optician.

Try different types of glasses, the tests are free.

Sometimes, if you have multiple activities, it may be necessary to have multiple pairs of glasses.

Progressive lenses are expensive, check your mutual for their refund.

As long as you do not have a particular correction apart from a presbyopia beginner, it may seem interesting to simply buy glasses corresponding to your degree of correction at the pharmacy: ask your pharmacist for advice and show him your prescription.

If by chance, these glasses seem to bother you, or give you a headache, it will still be time to go to an optician for glasses.

These pharmacy glasses can be a good booster. If you do not have progressive glasses, you will often not have your glasses with you (either forgotten or in another room); these glasses being inexpensive, you can have several pairs at home.

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