Presbycusis: the causes

The progressive hearing loss is a natural evolution whose cause is nothing else than cellular aging. It begins at the age of 25, but becomes troublesome only around sixty. The cause of this phenomenon is simple.

Gradually, the sensory cells of the inner ear go out and degenerate. The first concerned, to be involved, are so-called outer hair cells, which aim to improve sensory selectivity, that is to say to distinguish different sounds between them.

This causes disturbances in the differentiation of sounds and difficulties of comprehension, aggravated by a lower amplification of the high frequencies.

So we can easily understand that a simple telephone conversation is not without problems ... Because the discrimination of sounds is faulted. What the subject says most often is "I hear but I do not understand".

Can we avoid presbycusis?

One thing is certain, you can not escape presbycusis. Seniors, we will all be concerned! However, it can be delayed through healthy living by reducing excessive and repeated noise exposures.

It has been shown that excessive exposure during the early life of any individual accelerates the aging of the inner ear cells.

Among other aggravating causes, some authors have even considered the potential impact of certain solvents used in the professional field

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