Pre-eclampsia: the causes

The causes that trigger pre-eclampsia in pregnant women are not yet fully known. Preeclampsia is actually only a symptom of an abnormality in placenta called placental insufficiency.

Pre-eclampsia most often concerns women who are pregnant for the first time.

Although not necessarily recidivating for subsequent pregnancies (less than 10%), the next pregnancies will be closely monitored by the midwife or gynecologist when the woman has had pre-eclampsia in a previous pregnancy. pregnancy.

It should also be noted that a woman with high blood pressure (hypertension) will not necessarily develop pre-eclampsia. Although there are some predisposing factors, it can occur in a woman without any known risk factor.

This is a major complication of some pregnancy for which doctors perform work to better understand the causes.

Because the problems that a pre-eclampsia engenders can be major for the mother (disorders of the blood coagulation, renal insufficiency, respiratory difficulties related to an acute edema of the lung), as for the child (fetus not sufficiently developed, anomaly of the heartbeat).

In the mother, the major complication is represented by the Hellp syndrome : destruction of red blood cells, impaired liver function ...

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