Excessive hair: the testimony of a patient

Tessa, 24, is a victim of female hyperpilosity, or rather hirsutism, since adolescence. At Tessa, this excessive hairiness is due to polycystic ovary syndrome. She is currently on hormone therapy. Here is his testimony ...

> How is your hirsutism surpassed?

Since adolescence, I have a very strong hair all over the body and on my face, which is very embarrassing. I have always been mocked or pitied by each other, and their eyes are very painful. But the worst is my own look in the mirror in the morning ...

> What methods did you use to reduce your hair?

For now, I have only used hair removal (wax, tweezers ...), but I am obliged, every morning, to tear off in front of my mirror the damn hairs that pushed back during the night on my chin, my cheeks, my eyebrows .. I think about laser hair removal, but it would require many sessions, and for now I can not afford it.

> To whom did you go for your treatments?

From my first appointment with a gynecologist, we talked about this problem of hyperpilosity. After a few exams, it turned out that I had polycystic ovaries. A treatment was prescribed for me. My gynecologist also recommended me to take a high dosage of estrogen: Diane 35®. But for the moment, my problem of hyperpilosity is not totally solved ...

> Do you talk about this problem to those around you?

The only person to whom I give myself is my mother. She helps me every day and supports me when I collapse in tears in front of my mirror in the morning. My femininity is not really one, and I can not feel good. I really hope that the treatments will make their effect quickly, so that I regain a taste for life ... like all the girls of my age!

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