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Pilates: Pilates exercises

Pilates exercises

The Pilates method includes more than 500 exercises. Some are practiced on one of these four devices with the strange name and look: cadillac, reformer, chair, barrel. Unlike traditional devices, they work all the muscles together, and more than developing the muscles, they stretch them by increasing their resistance. These machines are very useful at first, to assimilate the movements.

The coach is there to guide his student, correct the postures; this teacher-student relationship is one of the keys to the effectiveness of Pilates.

The method also includes ground exercises, often done in group sessions. Once assimilated, the student can reproduce these exercises alone, at home.

Benefits of Pilates

They are numerous, and as well targeted. Pilates allows you to progress in the breath, strengthen muscles, tone your muscles, relax too.

Pilates would also work at the level of the interior, thanks in particular to the attention to the breathing, it would also allow to better hold itself right. Less stress, more energy and a feeling of general well-being is what this method promises.

Variant: Stott Pilates

The Stott Pilates : allows to give more importance to the stabilization of the scapular girdle (shoulders-clavic-scapula). This variant of the pilates is practiced on the same devices, and it includes more exercises to prepare.

Where to practice the Pilates Method?

  • Studio Pilates de Paris (, created by Philippe Taupin, a graduate of the original Pilates school and importer of the Pilates method in France.
  • At the Espace Pilates in Boulogne (, at Pilates Studio in Nice, at Elements (

For more information, read: The Pilates Method, by Lynne Robinson and Caroline Brien, published by Marabout Editions

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