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Small wounds and scratches: treatments

It is important to treat an injury well, even if it is just a scratch. The possible scar left will depend in part on the care provided after this accident ... The treatments will of course depend on the extent of the lesions.

Treatments for a minor injury or scratch are often the same, following the steps below:

1 - Clean

To begin, an injury and a scratch must be cleaned. Do not hesitate to pass the area under the water and clean it gently with soap, having washed your hands beforehand.

2 - Disinfect

Once the area is cleaned and clean, disinfect to avoid infection and therefore complications. During this step, avoid touching the wound with the hands that include, despite a good washing, all kinds of bacteria. And ensure that you are well vaccinated against tetanus, especially if you are in contact with the land, or animals.

3 - Treat

In order to promote rapid healing, it is necessary to maintain the humidity of the wound, since healing in a humid environment would be 40% faster. For a long time, it was believed - wrongly - that it was advisable to dry the wound to accelerate the formation of a crust, but it often left marks. Keeping the wound moist avoids the marks it can leave.

In order to promote healing, an appropriate ointment of the Flamigel® type can be used. This product helps to keep the damaged skin area moist, thus allowing for an acceleration of the healing process while relieving the pain associated with the injury.

4 - Cover

Finally, we can cover the wound with a dressing that will change every day. If the lesion is larger, a bandage can be placed on a dressing or a sterile pad.

In video: how to wash your hands ...

Proper hand washing is essential to prevent the transmission of germs. Discover step by step how to clean your hands with running water and soap, with a special emphasis on certain areas of the hand.

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