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White losses: the causes

Depending on the symptoms, different causes may be mentioned, but in the majority of cases, if the losses remain white, and cause local irritation, the origin is a vaginal mycosis.

When white losses appear to have changed in appearance, when unusual symptoms occur, then one should be concerned and consult.

The secretions change, sometimes more abundant: they can cause irritation, burns and itching of the vulva and / or vagina. Sex becomes painful

Other times, the losses change more frankly, can become more greenish, and smell bad (smell of fish).

Candida albicans, normally present on the vaginal mucosa, has suddenly proliferated, due to a change in the vaginal flora most often related to a change in pH (acidity of the mucosa). This fungus usually affects the vulva and sometimes the vagina causing white losses.

The vaginal flora can see its balance disturbed by various factors:

  • hormonal modification (pregnancy),
  • hormonal treatment,
  • antibiotic treatment,
  • an intimate toilet too "aggressive",
  • diabetes, etc.

When the losses are more abundant, of a greenish aspect, smelly, causing local irritations ... the cause can be an infection due to the proliferation of a specific pathogenic germ, like Gardnerella vaginalis.

To know about vaginal discharge:

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