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Contraceptive Patch - Contraceptive Stamp

For those who often forget their pill and are looking for a reliable and effective method of contraception, the contraceptive patch can be a good solution.

What does a contraceptive patch look like?

The contraceptive patch looks like a flesh-colored patch about 4.5 cm on the side. The first was marketed in France in 2004.

Where do we place it?

The contraceptive patch is placed on a parcel of skin clean, healthy and without hair (most often: at the top of the buttock, on the abdomen, or the outer face of the arm). It sticks well, and is resistant to showers, baths, water activities, warm climates ... It will remain in place for a week.

Note: if the patch comes off, the user has 24 hours to pick up another. Beyond that, it is necessary to consider that one has more means of contraception, and the woman will have to take all the necessary precautions.

How it works ?

For one week, the contraceptive patch will release 20 micrograms of ethinyl estradiol per day (a contraceptive hormone analogous to that of a conventional mini-pill) and a progestin: norelgestromin.

It will be changed on the same day of each week, for three weeks. The rules will occur during the fourth week.

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