Spend the winter in style! : Beauty products for winter

Homéoplasmine® against irritations

Against irritation and especially when they affect the area of ​​the nose, or in case of crevices fingers, it is advisable to use this well-known homeopathic medicine: Homéoplasmine®.

Different constituents present in this cream, act against this irritation which Calendula. Homéoplasmine® is indicated as an adjunctive treatment for irritative dermatitis. To apply 1 to 3 times a day, until disappearance of the irritation.

Average price found TTC: Big model (40g): 5.20 €, small model (18g): 3.90 €.
On sale exclusively in pharmacy, because it is a medicine.

Cold cream: a second skin cream

A gentle cream specially designed for sensitive skin to very dry: it is the famous Cold Cream Avène.

To overcome the tightness and redness of winter, Cold Cream acts as a real barrier "anti-cold".

Cream Cold Cream, Avène, tube of 100 ml (13, 25 €) or 40 ml (7, 30 €).

Dove: a beauty bath

The foam you want in here, this is the sine qua non for a successful bath!

Yes, but not any foam! One that hydrates and nourishes the skin ... like the beauty bath Dove, a foaming formula enriched with moisturizing agents.

Beauty bath, Dove, bottle of 500 ml, indicative price: € 5.25.

Mixa Bio: natural sweetness

Make natural sweetness with the new body milk from Mixa Bio!

Its soft and enveloping cocoon texture, but not sticky, will ensure optimal hydration to your body.

And apricot oil used for its nutritious properties will leave a sweet fragrance on the skin.

Milk nutritive protective body, Mixa Bio, pump bottle of 250 ml, indicative price: € 5.59.

Hairy hottie: the hit of winter!

Wool socks, quilt ... nothing to do, your feet stay frozen when you go to bed?
Come back to the good old habits ... I named the hot water bottle!

Fill with hot water and slide to the foot of the bed until the heat is gradually diffused.
Hmm ... it's good to have hot feet!

Hot water bottle "Chat Girl Tricot Hot Water Bottle", La Chaise Longue, indicative price: € 12.95.

A divine complexion with Caudalie

A complexion hauled all year? Yes Yes, it's possible ! Just choose the right weapons.
Caudalie's tinted cream, thanks to its copper-colored mother-of-pearl and light-reflecting pigments, will illuminate your face, like after a day in the sun in the middle of June!

To be applied to the skin directly after the day cream.

Divine complexion, tinted mineral cream light skin / matte skin, Caudalie, 30 ml tube, indicative price: 17 €.

A blush for a good-looking effect

To avoid the lugubrious winter, deposit a small note of color to enhance the cheekbone and create a "peach skin" effect.

For a tailor-made result, try Bourju's "Exclusive" blush: thanks to its pH-reactive pigments, it creates a unique rose in contact with your skin. Your cheekbones are adorned with a personalized rose, unique, for a fresh complexion.

One or two strokes on each cheek, and your face is sunny!

Exclusive Blush, Bourjois. Indicative price: € 12.60.

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