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Twisted penis: the treatments

If treatment is needed to correct a penis (too) twisted. Several can be considered:

Drug treatment

Unfortunately, there is no effective medical treatment for Lapeyronie's disease. The only relatively effective treatment is Vitamin E. The treatment has to be taken for several months, and its result is relatively random.

For a twisted penis, injections of cortisone (corticosteroids) were practiced by doctors, with no real result. Cortisone, injected at the plate level, may, on the contrary, further accentuate sclerosis.

If vitamin E treatment proves to be ineffective, two possibilities are considered:

  • If the discomfort is not too important, we stay like that, without any other special treatment.
  • If intercourse is embarrassing, painful for either partner, if the erection becomes difficult or the pain is too great, surgery may be considered.

Surgical treatment

In case of twisted penis, if a surgical operation is recommended, interventions can be of two types:

1 - An intervention of recovery of the penis

To straighten the penis, two methods: either extend the side too short, intervening on the plate; either the side that is too long is shortened (with a loss of length of one to two centimeters).

It all depends on the size of the penis at the start! That said, few people ask their surgeon, a shortening of their penis! But, both interventions are possible. The principle is that the penis has the same length everywhere. During the surgical procedure, the penis is "undressed" and then straightened.

What to do with the plate? We can remove the sclerous plate, responsible for the deformation, or simply split it. In both cases, we will replace the missing tissue with a small graft that today uses biological tissues, resorbable.

When the plate is located on one side of the penis, the operation does not present great difficulties. On the other hand, when the plate is located on the top of the penis, the operation is more delicate. Indeed, many nerves, circulate in this place. The practitioner will have to raise the nerves to intervene.

2 - The installation of a penile prosthesis

In the case where the erection is absent and does not resume normally, or in the case where the deformation is not sufficiently repairable without an internal guardian, an erection prosthesis can be placed. We can then "crack" the plate on the prosthesis.

This intervention, obviously, will be under general or regional anesthesia.

Namely: not all urologist surgeons are trained for this procedure. You must therefore, before any indication of operation, try to inform you of the competence of your urologist on this particular intervention indicated in case of twisted penis.

The postoperative course:

The surgical procedure can be performed under general anesthesia or under rachi-anesthesia. The operation can be done on an outpatient basis (we enter the morning, and come out at night), or require a short hospitalization of 24 to 48 hours.

After the procedure, no medication will be prescribed to prevent erections. Spontaneous erections will allow the penis to unfold. Sex can resume after a few weeks.

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