Pedicure - Foot care: "Home" foot care

Do not have the time or the money to offer a pedicure at an institute or at a specialist? Do not panic, here is the program for a "home" session, to be done every week:

> Remove the nail polish with a cotton disc impregnated with a mild solvent.

> Then prepare a foot bath (in a basin or the bottom of a bath): warm water + essential oils or pebbles. Dip your feet for a few minutes, which will soften the cuticles and make nail cutting easier.

> Dry your feet, and using a boxwood stick, push the cuticles around the nail, but do not cut them.

> With a nail clipper or scissors, trim the nails, being careful to slightly round the edges, so as to avoid incarnation during regrowth. The ideal size for a toenail is as follows: it should not exceed the pulp of the finger, nor stay stuck under it.

> File the nails gently, following the curve of the toe.

> Massage your feet to the ankles with a nourishing or moisturizing cream.

> Finally, you can apply polish if you want, using a "toe separator" and correcting the overflows with a cotton soaked in mild solvent.

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