Mumps: Symptoms

The little patient has fever and his face is deformed by parotitis. Indeed, the parotid glands affected by the virus are swollen by inflammation. In the beginning, the swelling is unilateral, then lateralized. It pushes the lobule of the ear up and out, fills the groove retro-maxillary and can give the face a pear-shaped appearance. This swelling of the parotid glands is painful.

Parotitis occurs in 70% of mumps cases. In addition to swelling, inflammation of the parotid can cause other symptoms, such as ear pain (ie earache) and discomfort with chewing.

The fever, meanwhile, is moderate and lasts only a day or two.

Other symptoms may be associated: pharyngitis, cervical ganglia, salivary gland involvement, and headache.

It also happens that the disease goes completely unnoticed.

The diagnosis of mumps is essentially based on these clinical symptoms which are, after all, fairly typical of the disease. The blood test is of little interest. But a serology (antibody search) can possibly confirm the infection with the mumps virus.
Other manifestations of mumps, such as meningitis, pancreatitis or orchitis (inflammation of the testis), are more rare, but they can be dangerous.

In pubescent boys, in particular, orchitis can be complicated by infertility. And that's where the danger of this disease lies.

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