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Quincke's edema: treatments

Quincke's edema is an absolute emergency since it can lead to anaphylactic shock and death.

As soon as the first signs appear, if this is the first time, call 15 or take the person to a medical facility without delay to provide care.

People who know their allergic status, are followed by an allergist and probably know what allergens they are sensitized. This allows as far as possible to avoid the products that contain them.

However, there may be hidden allergens in some foods. There is also the risk of cross-allergies for which Quincke's edema may appear even faster.

The treatment is the immediate injection of adrenaline while waiting for help.

Prescribed by the doctor, it is a special pen accompanying any allergic person. In cases of angioedema, the pen is uncapped and the needle side is placed on the arm or preferably on the thigh. By pressing the press, a dose of adrenaline will immediately be delivered and allow to wait for the arrival of the medical team avoiding the danger of death.

This pen is sold in pharmacies only on prescription, with the dose of adrenaline that corresponds to the weight of the person.

Adrenaline is a hormone that will tighten the vessels that have dilated and decrease the edema caused by the massive release of histamine during the allergic reaction.

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