Obesity: The causes

They are multiple. Of course, there is a direct relationship between weight, diet and physical activity. We have a feeding behavior that promotes the appearance of obesity: too rich food (too fat, too sweet), irregular meals (snacking, lack of breakfast, TV set). Added to this is the lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle.

Sugar addiction: how to stop sugar?

Do you consume industrial products? You consume sugar without knowing it every day (refined sugar). How to stop sugar? Here are 9 tips!

Of course, other factors also intervene, we all know people who eat like four and remain thin and others, less fortunate, who take kilos at the slightest gap. It is, once again, the heredity that strikes. If parents are coated, children are more likely to be overweight.

Among the causes of obesity, some doctors put forward diets! At first glance, it may seem logical to practice diets: since there is overweight, you have to lose weight and therefore dieting. Yet this reasoning is increasingly undermined by nutritional studies. Indeed, generally people who follow diets can not lose weight permanently, there is always a rebound effect after the diet that leads to an equivalent weight gain and even greater than the lost weight. The harsher the diet, the greater the backlash. We are talking about yoyo effect!

10 rules for a healthy and balanced diet

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