Nymphomania: the treatments

Several solutions exist to overcome nymphomania.

The woman can call a doctor or psychotherapist to understand her behavior and find ways to cope, or just to be supported. The interest of a psychological work rests above all on the guilt with respect to the hypersexuality, and the installation of substitutive behaviors more beneficial.

If the person suffers from associated disorders - depression, bipolar disorder, lack of self-confidence - targeted psychotherapy on this disorder will be indicated, more or less associated with drug treatment.

If the nymphomania is secondary to a catch of toxic products (cocaine, crack ...), the treatment will have to privilege the stop of their consumption. By getting help to get rid of this addiction.

If the nymphomania is secondary to a neurological disorder, the treatment is that of the cause. When sexual behavior is uncontrollable and risky (eg in dementia), medications may be prescribed.

For people suffering from long-lasting nymphomania with associated psychic dependence, group therapies can be very useful. Directed by a therapist, these groups offer a "weaning" in 12 stages punctuated by discussions with the other participants. Anonymity is respected and weaning is free.

In all cases, sexual risk-taking (with respect to Sexually Transmitted Diseases) should be sought, and a blood test will be necessary.

In video: What treatment in case of addiction to sex?

How to get out of a sex addiction? Who to consult? Which therapy to undertake? Dr. William Lowenstein, addictologist, explains the different treatments of a sex addiction ...

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