Mycosis of the nail: the treatments

The treatment of nail fungus, though effective, is quite long and lasts from 3 weeks to 1 year!

Most of the time, in case of nail fungus, a local treatment with an antifungal is sufficient. It can be based on varnish, powder, creams, even small dressings.

If the infection is extensive, oral therapy may be necessary.

6 tips to avoid it:

Prevention is essential in nail fungus. The following tips will help you avoid it.

  • Have a good hygiene,
  • After bathing, swimming, and before jumping in your sandals: use a dry towel and dry your feet and fingers well,
  • Watch your feet, your nails, between your fingers. Effectively treat an intertrigo avoids that the same mushroom cross the door of your nail!
  • Avoid bare-footing at the pool, gym, or hotel,
  • Regularly cut the toenails,
  • Get the air out of your shoes, and at your feet! (Especially after the sport!). And avoid trading them ...
    So if you want to frolic this summer, feet in the sun and sandals to the feet, pamper them!

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