Mycosis of the nail: the symptoms

The first symptoms of nail fungus are usually easy to spot. This nail condition is manifested by a change in the color and structure of the nail.

  • First, the nail changes color and becomes yellowed, whitened and dull.
  • The nail can also thicken, deform, take off ... Unsightly, it is also the big toe that is most often affected.
Fungus mycosis (onychomycosis) may be preceded by a mycosis of the fold between the toes, called intertrigo. The symptoms of intertrigo are redness between the toes and a crack that tends to flake off. This intertrigo tends to be ahead of nail fungus, and is easier to treat.

If one does not intervene quickly with a treatment to stop the evolution of the mycosis, this can cause the alteration of the nail, which becomes more and more brittle.

If the fungus concerns the nails of the feet, it can cause aesthetic problems, but also pains when walking. Over time, it can progress to bacterial superinfection or skin lesions.

The accurate diagnosis of nail fungus is done through a laboratory examination, and consists of removing a part of the nail and analyzing the infectious agent in question in the laboratory.

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