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Bodybuilding: Muscle buttocks and legs

Exercises to strengthen the buttocks

- Against the saddlebags :
Start: On the floor, on all fours, kneel on your elbows.
Execution: Inhale and stretch a leg with the heel facing backwards. Exhale on the move, then return to the starting position. And start again (4 sets of 30 repetitions with 1 minute of recovery).

- Buttocks:
Start: Lie on your back, legs bent, feet on the ground, spreading the width of the pelvis, arms along the body.
Execution: Lift the pelvis by contracting the glutes as intensely as possible. When the thighs are in the extension of the back, go down (4 sets of 20 repetitions with 1 minute of recovery).

> The good sport to strengthen your buttocks: running, tennis, swimming.

> To see on video: how to strengthen buttocks with water aerobics?

Simple exercises and effective, to perform in the water, and the advice of the coach to have a nice firm and well-shaped buttocks.

> More exercises to strengthen your buttocks in video !

Exercises to strengthen the legs

- Thighs:
Start: Stand upright, feet apart from the pelvis width, hands on hips.
Execution: Perform half flexion (calf-thigh angle must be 90 ° maximum). When bending, go down slowly, and be careful not to take off the heels; then exhale upwards dynamically (4 sets of 15 repetitions with 1 minute of recovery).

- Exercise of the chair: (go courage, the hardest for the end!)
Start: Stand upright against a wall, with your feet planted in the ground.
Execution: Slow down in flexion until reaching the horizontal with your thighs and block. Stay in position 45 seconds minimum. Do 3 or 4 sets with 2 minutes of recovery.

> The good sport to strengthen your legs: skiing in winter, cycling in summer.

> See also our video: How to build up your legs with water aerobics?

Beautiful legs thanks to water aerobics? Here are some effective exercises and tips from the coach to carve pretty legs in the water.

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