My baby is allergic to cow's milk

Your baby has a stomach ache, crying at the time of bottle feeding, it may be the symptom of an allergy to cow's milk proteins ... But it also happens that the reaction is particularly severe.

Milk is one of the main allergens in children between one and three years old. To learn more about this little known disease, understand why your baby is allergic to cow's milk, and know the different solutions, here is our article written with a pediatrician.

The most affected by cow's milk allergy are newborns. The genetic factor is the first to take into consideration. Once the cause is detected, it is necessary to treat the allergy, because yes, cow's milk allergy can be treated in the small ones. It is important that they are properly cared for, because children who have not been, are more likely to develop a respiratory disease later.

You must be well informed and consider this allergy seriously in order to be able to react knowingly.

In this article, learn about cow's milk protein allergy, its various symptoms (from the mildest to the most severe). Discover all the treatments and possible solutions. Finally, read our interview with a pediatric gastroenterologist.

Authors: Claire Lavarenne and Dr. Nicolas Evrard.
Expert Consultant: Professor Christophe Dupont, Head of Neonatology and Nutrition at Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Hospital, Paris.
March 2010.

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