Migraine: anti-migraine tips

Migraine does not really cure, a crisis is always to be feared.

This is why migraine sufferers must apply to avoid the factors that trigger the crisis, and try to limit stress, lack of sleep ...

When the crisis occurs, the pain is often unbearable. Little tricks, small gestures can help make the crisis bearable.


First, you must isolate yourself in a quiet room away from light and noise . Applying cold to the painful area (ice cubes wrapped in a towel) may reduce pain. Drinking black coffee also succeeds some migraine sufferers.


In some migraineurs, caffeine is miraculous. A sweet espresso with an aspirin (if you have no contraindication) you will be beneficial. The little "trick" of migraineurs is the sweet coffee placed on the night table for the next day, in case the day starts with a migraine.

If you can not stand the coffee, think of the caffeinated gaseous Cola .

Coffee dehydrates, espresso contains more caffeine, darker grains make coffee stronger ...
What is it really ? Here is the truth about 9 myths around coffee!

Of course, apart from these little "tricks", a drug treatment is often necessary. And unfortunately, still too few people consult for migraines.

Migraine sufferers would often tend to "tinker" with care by mixing drugs. A tip: do not take this dangerous risk to your health! Talk to a doctor who will prescribe the products that are right for you.

Self-help: 5 tips to remember!

Self-medication is becoming more widespread. Why not, provided you follow a few rules. From risks to precautions ... Here are the tips to know about self-medication !

Want to share, share your experience or need advice? Appointment in our FORUMS Migraine and headaches or A doctor answers you !

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