Migraine: the testimony of a patient

Laure, 25, has migrated since adolescence. She gives us her testimony ...

How were your migraines revealed?

I have been a migraine sufferer since I was 13 years old. At first the migraines were spaced. I had it at the time of menstruation, then as time passed, I had more and more. Suspecting a hormonal imbalance, my doctor prescribed me the pill. I had to stop it because it caused an increase in my cholesterol. Migraines have returned more beautiful.

They got worse?

I was on an anti-migraine medication a day, instead of a maximum of 4 to 6 a month. I no longer had a life, I did not dare go out for fear of these crises that could happen anywhere. I even went to see a radiesthesist, a magnetizer ... but without any effect.

And how have things improved?

I was treated by an anti-migraine center. The doctor started to help me stop smoking, then stopped all my treatments, then put me on anti-depressant, even though I maintained that I was not depressed.

He advised me to do sophrology sessions to control my stress a bit. At the same time, he prescribed me treatments to take at the time of menstruation. To this day, I see again. I finally found my joy of life and I could even resume my studies that I had to stop because I had too many migraines to review!

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