Mastosis: the symptoms

Mastosis should not be confused with the symptoms and pain of tense, congested breasts called mastodynia.

Mastodynia can affect young women and evolve over time into mastosis, but this is not mandatory, especially if it is treated preventively.

Mastosic breasts are very often the site of premenstrual cyclical pain, but the diagnosis is based primarily on the finding of a benign abnormality of the tissues that make up the breast. It is the doctor, on the palpation of the breasts, who will evoke a mastosis: the breasts have an irregular consistency, dense and granular.

Unlike regular, supple breasts, the doctor feels compact areas (often on the sides and at the top of the breasts), where the mammary gland is most abundant. The tension and the swelling of the breasts are of variable intensity (with sometimes a change of size of bra), and of more or less long duration (of a few days to two weeks in second part of the cycle).

Mastosis occurs more often in women 40 years and older.

Fibrocystic mastosis is very common, it affects about 1/3 of women between 40 years and their menopause. After menopause, mastosis tends to regress spontaneously in the months or years that follow.

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