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Erotic massage: face, neck and back

The whole body can be the subject of an erotic and sensual massage. But 3 areas of the body are particularly receptive for the soft and languid caresses of this relaxing and stimulating massage at once: the face, the neck and the back.

The face

The face has important areas of tension: the forehead, the mouth, the eyes ... Hunt them with sensual gestures: start with small circular motions on the forehead, bringing the thumbs up to the eyebrows . Then put your hands on the cheekbones stretching the face to the chin. Go to the bottom of the face: smooth the cheeks then the chin, the jaw relaxes under the effect of wide movements. Finish with a light on the entire face.

The neck

Many tensions are lodged in the neck; tender gestures will release them. To begin, stretch your neck to lengthen it; a feeling of relaxation will invade your companion, up to the level of the back. Then pour a little oil into the palm of one hand and massage in a sweeping motion - one hand after another - the neck, shoulders and hair, then caress the neck in height and width .

The back

The back is an area full of muscles and nerves that vibrate at the slightest wave of pleasure. Start with some relaxation: brush your back, from the neck to the buttocks, then knead the top of the shoulder from the arm and up to the neck.

Then start the sensual touch by lying on the back of your partner while stretching his arms. Touch the back in all its length by blowing lightly on the skin of your partner.

Finish beautifully by the buttocks: kneel on the legs of your partner and make a strumming to the bottom of the buttocks.

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